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Carpet Store in Pennsylvania

Creating an atmosphere of instant color and comfort, carpeting lets us transform our interiors and create a personal haven of warmth. Today, there are more carpeting options than any previous time in history, and with products made to manage everything from stains and moisture to heavy use, carpeting is truly for everyone. At Essis & Sons Carpet One Floor & Home we’re proud to be the region’s favorite carpeting destination and we can help you find the perfect carpeting for your home, whatever your needs might be. You can get started by shopping our carpet selection online now! Or, visit one of our showroom locations in Mechanicsburg, Chambersburg, Harrisburg, Lancaster, New Oxford, and York, PA.


What Are the Different Types of Carpet?


The modern carpeting industry is rife with choices, and navigating your options can prove challenging. We recommend taking a careful contemplation of your daily life, your family size, and the activity level in your intended space. Do you have pets or small children? Do you host frequent family gatherings? Does someone in your home have allergies? These are all factors to consider.


Carpet Fiber Types


The fibers that weave your carpeting together, known as carpet pile, play a major role in how your rug will look, feel, and function.



Nylon carpeting is one of the softest synthetic rugs on today’s market. Its pile is exceptionally sturdy and also incredibly stain resistant. Nylon carpeting achieves these abilities from a clear coating that’s strong enough to keep commercial-grade stains at bay. Nylon carpeting can be pricier than other varieties, but it’s a smart long-term investment for commercial property owners, as well as busy families.



Polyester carpeting is another variety of soft synthetic. It’s significantly more affordable than nylon, but its pile has a very similar texture. Once upon a time, polyester carpeting was considered an inferior product, but recent manufacturing innovations have changed this. Modern polyester carpeting is sturdier and more stain-resistant.



Triexta carpeting is rougher synthetic that’s typically woven into subtle patterns. With its hard-wearing, short pile, triexta is a great choice for corporate and commercial settings. It’s made to handle near-constant foot traffic and its patterns disguise everyday dirt.



Olefin/polypropylene carpeting is a luxurious soft synthetic that’s woven into dramatic patterns. While very comfortable underfoot, this pile is made for beauty rather than function and is best left for quieter rooms where a formal style is desired.



Wool carpeting is a natural option that’s soft, sturdy, and very sustainable. Wool pile is naturally resistant to dust, moisture, and allergens. It can last for many years if cared for properly and holds tight to its color.


Can Carpet Be Waterproof?


As our families grow and life picks up a faster pace, our love for carpeting seldom diminishes. Fortunately, for many of us, we now have more ways to enjoy waterproof carpeting than ever before. Although there was a time not too long ago when “waterproof” and “soft-surface” were seldom seen together, times have changed, and we now have plenty of stylish, soft, and colorful carpeting options that can keep us comfortable, dry, and stain-free.

Thanks to ongoing manufacturing innovations, “waterproof carpet” is no longer a mythical beast. It’s now one of our favorite waterproof flooring options that we offer. With waterproofing capabilities tightly knotted into your carpet’s inner fiber, this family of carpeting coats each thread with powerful stain repellents. A sturdy backing adds yet another layer of protection, blocking leaks and pet accidents from reaching your subfloor.


Stain-Resistant Carpet Options


Life at home certainly has its trying moments when pets and little kids are living among us. Accidents can be counted on, and that means finding a carpet that can manage this eventuality. Our selection of stain-resistant carpeting means you can still get the soft-surface looks you love. Our inventory of stain-resistant carpeting spans all of the hottest styles and colors, so you’ll have more options and fewer compromises. Calling on the latest technologies, your carpet’s fibers are coated with a protective barrier, preventing even the harshest offenders from seeping in.


Where to Use Stain-Resistant Carpeting


Stain-resistant carpeting is designed for use in a wide range of residential and commercial spaces. There are plenty of selections suitable for any style. Like all carpets, stain-resistant carpeting shouldn’t be used in bathrooms or kitchens, but don’t worry: you’ll be pleased to find splendid solutions for nearly any other type of setting.


Where Can Carpet Be Installed?


Carpeting should generally be avoided in spaces prone to excessive moisture and humidity, such as a kitchen or bathroom, but there are many amazing options to grace the rest of your home. Choose with care. A heavier carpeting with a tight weave or pattern will stand strong on your stairway or in a hallway, while a lush, plush carpeting will bring ongoing comfort in a master bedroom.


Our Carpet Selection


As members of Carpet One Floor and Home, the world’s largest cooperative of locally owned and operated flooring stores, Essis & Sons offers amazing value, friendly services, and unmatched purchasing power. Serving a wide range of residential customers throughout Mechanicsburg, Chambersburg, Harrisburg, Lancaster, New Oxford, and York, PA, we carry all of your favorite carpeting brands, including Tigressá H20, LEES, and Innovia Xtreme Clean. To learn more about our carpeting products and related services, call or message us today.



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How to Maintain Carpet

Your new carpeting represents a significant investment in your home and we recommend doing your due diligence to keep it in prime form. This need not be complicated: regular vacuuming and annual deep-cleanings by a professional will certainly go a long way.



Living Room Flooring Ideas

Carpet is one of our favorite living room flooring options, but it’s not the only choice we offer. Get inspired with our living room flooring ideas.



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