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Innovia Carpet

Innovia Xtreme Clean Carpets


At Essis & Sons Carpet One Floor & Home, we know a thing or two about high-quality carpets, for that’s all we offer. We understand that when you make an investment in your home, you are looking for top quality and sustainability. With that said, the Innovia carpet collections are hard to beat and worth the investment.



You may have assumed that having carpet in your home wasn’t ideal. However, carpets have come a long way over the years. Brands like Innovia, Tigressa, and Lees are providing more softness and strength.



Innovia carpets have made a name for themselves as being “Real World Tough.” This carpet brand is permanently stain free, pet-friendly, and easy to clean. Innovia’s unique features make it the perfect carpet for homes with active families.


Stain Resistant Carpet


Innovia carpets are constructed with the patented INNOTEX fiber. This fiber has no dye sites and is a natural based fiber. Not only will your carpet retain its pristine look after years of use, but it is also stain resistant. Spills and messes may be an everyday occurrence in your home, but it is no longer anything to worry about. In addition to the INNOTEX fiber, Innovia carpets are also easy to clean. Each fiber is encased in a flexible and durable shield, which can repel spills and soiling. Now, all you will need is a wet cloth to wipe away spills. Innovia ensures that there will be no more blotting and break your back trying to get a stain out.


Pet Friendly Flooring


You love your pet, but your current carpet may not. Innovia carpets will not only provide a soft surface underfoot but protects against pet accidents. The pet-friendly technology stops liquids from absorbing into the fiber. Another benefit is Innovia carpets reduce common pet-related odors.


Innovia Carpet Styles


Although we can say Innovia carpets are silky smooth, the best way to prove it to you is by visiting one of our six Essis & Sons Carpet One Floor & Home stores. To learn more about Innovia carpets, contact Essis & Sons Carpet One Floor & Home today, or visit any of our showrooms in Mechanicsburg Lancaster, New Oxford, York, Chambersburg, or Harrisburg, PA.






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At Essis & Sons Carpet One Floor & Home, our vast selection of flooring products achieve the highest standards in quality, style, and comfort. Coupled with our industry-leading warranties and our one-of-a-kind guarantee, our customers are able to have complete confidence in their purchases. So what are you waiting for? Tell us about your flooring vision for your home, so we can get started finding you the perfect flooring fit for you and your home.


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