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Tigressa Waterproof Carpets


The original Tigressa carpet uses tightly woven fibers to protect the carpet against those accidental spills and messes. Just because you have kids and pets running around your home doesn’t mean that you can’t have a carpet. With Tigressa, you are getting a strong carpet that will maintain its appearance and softness for years. This is thanks to the nylon fibers, which filaments are half the size of human hair allowing it to have more per square inch. 


Best Carpet for Living Rooms


Tigressa’s soft texture is easily its most beneficial component. However, the Tigressa Cherish collection takes it a step further. The Cherish collection is made up of recycled resources making it eco-friendly. In addition to its conscious effort to help nature, its colors are also inspired by nature. These exotic yet natural colors will bring a fresh look to your home. Another benefit to the Tigressa Cherish collection is its advanced color technology, which will prevent your carpet from fading. Also, carpet fibers are 75% finer due to their being more micro strands per square inch. 


Overall, the Tigressa Cherish collection is a step above the already tough and soft Tigressa carpets with its color technology, plush texture, and natural hues. 


Waterproof Flooring Options


If you are looking for extra strength from your carpet, then the Tigressa H20 collection is your solution. The Tigressa H20 collection is pet approved and kid proof by making accidents that much easier to clean. Additionally, it won’t absorb pet or smoke odors after cleaning. Tigressa H20 carpets are the real deal when it comes to a waterproof construction. This collection prevents water and other liquids from soaking through the carpet padding and to the subfloor. 



A Tigressa carpets are above average. Its soft texture and strength make it the perfect addition to homes where kids and pets are hard to keep up with.



To learn more about Tigressa carpets, and the available collections, contact Essis & Sons Carpet One Floor & Home. Or, visit any of our other showrooms in Mechanicsburg, Lancaster, New Oxford, York, Chambersburg, or Harrisburg, PA.




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