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Types of Carpet

Types of Carpet


At Essis & Sons One Floor & Home we’re your neighborhood destination for all types of residential and commercial carpeting. Our team of seasoned flooring experts can help you find carpeting suitable for all of your style preferences and functional needs. With more carpeting options available than ever before, it’s important to understand the differences in carpet types. 



A carpet’s fibers, commonly referred to as pile, will determine how your new carpeting wears as the months and years go by. For instance, carpeting with tightly woven, rougher pile can handle heavy foot traffic and hard usage; softer, velvet-like pile, on the other hand, is made with comfort, not endurance, in mind. Here is a quick overview on carpet pile to assist you in making your next carpeting purchase a smart one. 


Carpet Fiber Types


Nylon carpeting is one of the softest synthetic rugs on today’s market. Its pile is exceptionally sturdy and also incredibly stain resistant. Nylon carpeting achieves these abilities from a clear coating that’s strong enough to keep commercial-grade stains at bay. Nylon carpeting can be pricier than other varieties, but it’s a smart long-term investment for commercial property owners, as well as busy families. 



Polyester carpeting is another variety of soft synthetic. It’s significantly more affordable than nylon, but its pile has a very similar texture. Once upon a time, polyester carpeting was considered an inferior product, but recent manufacturing innovations have changed this. Modern polyester carpeting is sturdier and more stain-resistant. 



Triexta carpeting is rougher synthetic that’s typically woven into subtle patterns. With its hard-wearing, short pile, triexta is a great choice for corporate and commercial settings. It’s made to handle near-constant foot traffic and its patterns disguise everyday dirt. 



Olefin/polypropylene carpeting is a luxurious soft synthetic that’s woven into dramatic patterns. While very comfortable underfoot, this pile is made for beauty rather than function and is best left for quieter rooms where a formal style is desired. 



Wool carpeting is a natural option that’s soft, sturdy, and very sustainable. Wool pile is naturally resistant to dust, moisture, and allergens. It can last for many years if cared for properly and holds tight to its color.



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