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Wood Look Tile


With the increasing popularity of wood flooring in homes everywhere, it is no secret that homeowners want the look of wood in places where wood flooring cannot be installed due to high amounts of moisture. Thanks to recent technology, tile has taken the authentic look of wood and made it into a flooring option that is durable and resistant to humidity, called wood look tile. Wood look tile is available at Essis & Sons Carpet One Floor & Home, and our experts are here to help you with all of your wood look tile needs.


Does wood look tile sound too good to be true? You may be surprised by how genuine it looks. Printing technology is used to construct wood look tile, taking an image of hardwood and printing it onto the tile. Depending on the tile, the sizes can even look more like wood planks in a traditional rectangle plank.




Bel Terra Wood look Tile in Living Room


Benefits of Wood Look Tile


Wood look tile can be installed in almost any area of your home. Unlike hardwood floor, wood look tile can handle high levels of humidity and moisture, so it can be installed in bathrooms and kitchens. One of the newest trends is wood look tile on shower walls. With the charming addition of wood look on shower walls, feeling cozy at home is easily achieved. Wood look tile looks great in any room, and it can be difficult to tell whether it is hardwood or tile, which is a huge benefit for many homeowners.


Wood look tile is easy to maintain and does not require refinishing over time. Sweeping up dirt is easy when it settles, and mopping grime out of grout lines is quick. Tile can handle high traffic, so don’t worry about taking off your shoes when you come in the house.



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